Shaital Mahabeer l Graphic Design Portfolio Portrait

Shaital Mahabeer, a vibrant and talented graphic design student at Vega School in Durban, South Africa, possesses an unquenchable passion for the arts. Her creative journey spans a diverse spectrum of artistic pursuits, ranging from digital art to traditional art, photography to branding, and even 3-D art. Driven by an unwavering dedication to refining her skills and an acute eye for aesthetics, Shaital endeavors to breathe life into her distinct artistic vision through mesmerizing designs that leave an indelible impact. With each project she undertakes, she approaches it with boundless enthusiasm, skillfully blending her technical expertise with a profound understanding of the influential nature of visual communication. Shaital’s unwavering love for the world of design catalyzes her unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries, exploring new horizons, and transforming ideas into captivating visual experiences.

Shaital finds inspiration for her art in the enchanting beauty of nature, the nurturing embrace of her loved ones, and the wealth of personal experiences she has amassed. This deep connection with her environment and personal life resonates strongly in her body of work, particularly exemplified in her motif: “Unleashing Dark Brutalism: Embrace the Shadows of Graphic Design’s Underbelly.” In this extraordinary showcase, Shaital Mahabeer unveils her unique, eccentric, and profoundly meaningful art style. Through her exploration of dark aesthetics and unorthodox design elements, she fearlessly delves into the depths of graphic design’s underbelly, creating thought-provoking and evocative visuals that challenge traditional norms. Shaital’s ability to infuse her creations with depth, emotion, and purpose showcases her exceptional talent and sets her apart as an artist who fearlessly embraces the unconventional to craft extraordinary and visually captivating experiences.

Nature Tree
Pink flowers
Red roses